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Emergency Veterinary Clinic of SW Missouri

Where your pet is our family too !


About Us

The Emergency Veterinary Clinic of SW Missouri was established in 1997. 

The idea originated from the desire of area veterinarians to provide good quality care for their patients regardless of the time of day. These Veterinarians formed a corporation to establish an after hour "Emergency Veterinary Clinic" dedicated to emergency and after-hour critical care. 

Our facility is equipped to handle all areas of small animal emergencies.

The Emergency Veterinary Clinic is open weeknights, weekends, and holidays to treat any illness or trauma that your pet may experience when your veterinarian may not be available. 

An emergency and critical care veterinarian and assistants are both present during all hours of operation. Our modern facility is equipped with a complete laboratory and advanced x-ray unit, giving us the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose many emergency diseases and conditions.


Staff Veterinarians

Dr. Marcy Diehl

Dr. Katlin Hornig

Dr. Laura McCann

Dr. Tora Seals

Dr. Bonnie Toner



Jordan Ashley, VA

Micalah Carter, VA

Cheyenne Chevalier, SVA

Natalie Davis, SVA

Leigh Gardner, SVA

Emile Ghanem, VA

Jessica Lacey, SVA

Jessie Lunsford, VA

Tiffany Maddux, VA

Hannah McKean-Shields, SVA

Andrew McKenney, VA

Taylor Randolph, SVA

Ashley Taylor, SVA

Meghan Wilson, VA

Tiffany Wisecup, VA

Crystal Worden, SVA

A Personal Approach


  • Our goal is to provide personal, compassionate and individualized emergency care for each of our patients.
  • To practice the most state-of-the art medicine and to keep current with continuing education.
  • To honor the special bond between animals and their owners by providing the very highest levels of comfort, care, and attention in the hardest of times when our best friends are ill or injured.

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Emergency Veterinary Clinic of SW Missouri

400 S. GlenstoneSpringfield, MO 65802

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Monday - Friday: 6:00pm - 8:00am

Saturday & Sunday: 24 Hrs

Open all Holidays